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March 6, 2013Rochester, NY - Klein Steel Service Inc., a nationally recognized metal service center with a focus on innovation and continuous process improvement, announced today that it has attained Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) compliance as verified by an independent audit. Due to the critical importance of safety, qualityandcontrol, suppliers are required to comply with the strictest requirements in the nuclear industry. NQA-1 specifications are issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and recognized globally as a world-class quality standard for nuclear applications. As such, compliance in accord with NQA-1 standards indicates that Klein Steel is authorized to supply raw and processed materials, manufactured parts and direct-to-assembly kitted components to companies, such as equipment manufacturers, that are serving the nuclear industry in the U.S. and beyond.

"At Klein Steel, our culture and unrelenting focus on operational excellence are foundational to our success," said Todd Zyra, President and Chief Executive Officer at Klein Steel. "A passion for this level of rigor and discipline is what enabled us to pass this stringent audit. We know many of our customers want the control and predictability that comes with a NQA-1 compliant supplier. It minimizes the inherent risk and increases confidence that the product received meets all specifications and is error-free."

"As one of a handful of NQA-1 compliant metal service centers nationwide, we welcome the discussions that we're beginning to forge with companies in the nuclear industry," added Todd Zyra, Chief Operating Officer at Klein Steel. "With Klein Steel NQA-1, we plan to walk before we run. We will never take on more customers or jobs than we can handle. This means customers will have our dedicated attention to ensure success."